Arcane Strategies Boosts Relevant Site Traffic to Improve Sales Conversions

Over two weeks in November 2020, I executed a new content strategy for Arcane Strategies based around long-tail keywords. In total, I optimized 130+ webpages on the Arcane Strategies site to accord with new focus keywords and secondary keywords, along with updated hub links to help drive sales conversions. Tools used: SEMrush, WordPress (CMS), Yoast (SEO plug-in), Google Analytics.

The Client's Challenge

Mike Ricotta is the CEO of lean-running web hosting support company Arcane Strategies. With a sales team of one, he couldn’t simply rely on traditional top-of-funnel sales and marketing tactics to generate new business. I worked with Mike to execute an SEO strategy hinging on conversion rate optimization using highly targeted long-tail keywords.

The Solution: Targeted Keyword Optimizations & Contextual Internal Linking

With one-and-done page visits anathema to the Arcane Strategies’ business model, I set out to solve the problem of page bounces with Mike’s target audience (e-commerce merchants in need of web hosting support). Using a set of targeted longtail keywords in the B2B web hosting support space that helped to increase overall site visibility in organic search, I rewrote all of Arcane’s 130+ webpages to feature new keywords and contextualized internal links, derived from a hub/spoke content strategy, to boost page views of the company's core products.

The Results

  • Since the project’s completion, Arcane’s site visibility in search has doubled.
  • Site visitors now average 4.6 page views per session (up from 3.3 in the previous month).
  • Average site visit now spans 4 minutes (up from 1.56 minutes in the previous month).