Greetings from a quality obsessed content creator.

My name's Mike and I’m a digital marketer who's equal parts creative and analytical, eager to leverage every tool at my disposal to help any business that I believe in maximize its potential. 

One of my strongest qualities is my always-open and endlessly curious mind; in professional settings, I regularly put it to use as a teammate and collaborator, actively seeking out different opinions and constructive feedback as a means of improving my work.

My projects are as much inspired from outside-the-box thinking as they are informed by KPIs and A/B testing. On my portfolio page, you'll get a chance to view a number of them, from short- and long-form brand copywriting and content marketing, to technical writing and instructional design.

After you've explored my work, send me a message or reach out on LinkedIn to explore my qualifications in greater depth and we'll set up a time to talk about what I can add to your team.